Why Wendy Williams Isn’t Convinced Kenya Moore Is Pregnant


Kenya Moore has done her best to prove once and for all that she is pregnant, but Wendy Wiliams remains unconvinced.

The talk show host on Monday, June 4 didn’t find the baby bump photo “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star posted on her Instagram page believable.

“Is that a baby bump or a double-double with a chocolate shake?” Williams says. “I still don’t believe. She is 49 years old, Kenya is reportedly pregnant, if she is pregnant at this particular point, I guess she would be three or four months. Is that three or four months pregnant? I mean Kenya is not a small girl, so you figure she would be showing more. I don’t know. It smells like haze to me. Ugh…

“But doesn’t look pregnant to me, Kenya. The rumors are swirling that Kenya is out [on RHOA], no more peach — no she is going to be a friend of, a friend of. She’s been demoted. And they gave the peach to Eva Marcille. No, I like Eva but Eva’s boring.”

In response to Williams’ disbelief about Moore’s impending motherhood, fans have lashed out at the host.

“Wendy, coming for Kenya wasn’t even necessary!! Given the NUMEROUS obstacles you endured in your journey towards motherhood, you should really tone it down. Kenya’s not going anywhere, and as for Eva, like the gentleman in the audience said during ‘Sound off,’ ‘You can’t replace a Bentley with a Camry’ 😒☕ BTW, Kenya is 47, NOT 49!”

“Wendy you are a hater from the depths of hell to speak badly of Kenya’s pregnancy. And no it’s not a food baby. You know that woman has washboard abs so there is no way she would have food baby that large. Also, she is 47, not 49 so stop hating.”

“Especially being that this is her first child the uterus is still figuring out the body so I’m not sure why she’s shaming her when she won’t really show until she’s about 5-6 months. Every woman [carries] different, and I was disappointed that she made that comment about Kenya.”

For Moore’s part, she has been fervently denying rumors that there is no bun in the oven. On Tuesday she posted a video of her first ultrasound and scores of her famous pals congratulated her on her journey to parenthood.

She’s since been basking in her pregnancy, sharing an image of two onesies she was gifted by Team Twirl.


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