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Lil Kim Asks the Court to Ammend Bankruptcy Case to Spare Her Mansion

Rap legend Lil Kim is fighting to save her New Jersey home and pleaded with the courts to reevaluate her bankruptcy case.

The “Came Back for You” artist filed legal documents stating that she’s ready to meet her financial obligations. “I remain committed to saving my home and reorganizing my debts”, she said according to the Blast.

Kim originally filed for bankruptcy to save her house from being auctioned off publicly and to clear other fiscal debt. However, the rapper is now requesting the judge switch her Chapter 13 bankruptcy case into a Chapter 11 bankruptcy. If the judge rules in the “Queen B”‘s favor, she’ll be awarded the chance to combine her debts and arrange for a payment plan to pay off the amount she owes.

One of Kim’s creditors claimed the artist missed a payment of $10,155.47 on June 1 and filed a motion to allow her mansion to be seized. The financial employee wants to auction off the home and sell for at least $2 million.

The rapper reportedly owes a total of $4 million to creditors. The judge has yet to make a ruling regarding Kim’s mansion.

The rap legend was recently honored with a proclamation to New York City on June 11 by the state’s City Council. They recognized Kim for her contributions in hip-hop and for “all of the great work in the industry. We are so proud to host you this year.”

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