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Wendy Williams Is Afraid She Will Be Racially Targeted

Wendy Williams talks Sunny Hostin


Wendy Williams weighed in on Sunny Hostin’s harrowing 4th of July experience, when about 20 kids ran in front of a house she was renting and yelled the N-word.

The incident happened in Sag Harbor, N.Y., and the kids also screamed things like “This is our holiday.”

According to Williams, she has huge fears about being harassed by a racist and thinks about it all of the time. 

“Every day I go home I look to see if there’s going to be a cross burned or whatever, and we live in a very nice community,” she said with one hand over her eyes. 

“I can’t even look at you while I talk about this. I have no reason to be wondering about that except for that I’m Black in America, and even though I have a good job and on TV and stuff, it doesn’t mean crap.”

“If people want to splash poop on your front door, burn a cross, drop a note in your mailbox, every day [they can do it,]” added Wendy. “That’s my thought when I’m pulling up to the house. And when my kid goes out to walk the dog, every time, ‘Make sure your cellphone is on. See something, say something.’ Why are we still dealing with this?”

On top of that, Williams said if she ever gets approached by a racist she’ll quickly call the police, unlike her husband who will handle things on his own.  

After the “Hot Topics” segment was posted online, a few people left comments and said they were also saddened by what happened to Hostin.

“I’m so sick of racism in this country, especially towards those who built it [and] are emulated by the very people who supposedly hate, yet secretly admire them,” one person wrote. “By the way, this is one big melting pot, so you actually are what you hate, no matter how different you look. Makes me sick.”

Hostin hasn’t talked about the incident since earlier this week on “The View,” and there’s no word if the Sag Harbor police are still investigating.

You can see Williams discuss Hostin below at the 15:58 mark.

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