Tamar Braxton Creates Catchy Tune About Band Drama to Shut Down Naysayers


Tamar Braxton isn’t bothered by her issues with her band and she wrote a song about it to let folks know just how little she cares.

Braxton publicly blasted her band Thursday, July 5 for quitting on her at the last minute, seeming to affirm comments that they ditched her to go to the Essence Festival.

Reports claimed Braxton’s estranged husband and manager Vincent Herbert might be to blame for the instrumentalists not showing up to the Philadelphia concert, with celebrity gossip IG page saying, “When asked about Vince, the band responded with a big ‘f— Vince.'”

And despite needing a ton of cocktails to settle her nerves after the show — which was rounded out by dancers at Models Inc. — Braxton’s newest IG post shows she’s not letting the band issue weigh her down.

“Don’t EVER in your life think I’m that bothered EVER!!! #itsentertainmentkids hit it @iamlonniebee,” the wig-wearing performer captioned the clip of her and entertainer Lonnie Bee performing a tune about not letting anyone get under your skin.

“Don’t you dare let no b— upset you,” they sing before Braxton croons solo. “B— called my phone asking me what’s going on. Called me with that drama, save that s— for ya mama.”

Fans loved the tune.

“Y’all beta SANG that.”

“A vibe…”

“You curse. The girls in the church curse. @tamarbraxton SCHMOOOD!!! Don’t let no b—-upset you 😂😂😂😂.”

After her fan-approved song, however, Tank chimed in saying she didn’t need to drag the musicians on social media.

“On some real s— though sis, don’t attack these kids on social media. @Von_cocapt @jboohill @aj4rmduval @zamarworld are good guys and they’d never intentionally miss a gig period. If someone in your camp is telling you something different, which I know they are, it’s a lie,” he wrote in part Saturday, July 7.

Braxton didn’t take kindly to the singer giving his two cents on the issue and said it was “unprofessional” and “not your business.”

After the two went back and forth — with Tank promising he had text messages sent from Herbert to one of the band members — Braxton demanded Tank “stay out of my business.”


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