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Rasheeda Frost’s Fans Concerned Kirk Frost’s Cheating is ‘Breaking Her Down’

Rasheeda Frost

ATLANTA, GA – OCTOBER 29: Rasheeda and Kirk Frost attend Toya Wright’s All Black Affair at Gold Room on October 29, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Prince Williams/WireImage)

Viewers of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” question fashion designer and reality star Rasheeda Frost’s mental state after posting a photo of her natural self on social media.

The “Boss Chick” took to Instagram on Saturday and shared a photo of herself bare-faced with no make-up and her natural hair in a blowout. Social media patrons praised Frost for her “natural” look.

“You look simply amazing your even more beautiful with your natural look. You pull both ways off perfect,” one person wrote.

Naysayers, on the other hand, said the “Pressed” owner looked ‘stressed’ and accused her husband Kirk Frost’s marital indiscretions of taking a toll on Rasheeda’s mental health over the past years.

One fan wrote, “I didn’t know she was only 36. The whole Kirk situation has been slowly and silently breaking her down, only if she would accept it for what it is and make peace with herself she’ll get her sanity back. She’s still going to be with him so why fight herself about it. I like Rasheed’s, but sometimes us woman will remain so angry at other people it’s like drinking poison expecting the other person to die. Just let go and live fr fr!.”

Another added, “Kirk got you out here stressing 🤦🏾‍♂️😩.”

One critic said, “She looks stressed.”

Critics and fans were referring to Kirk’s sexual affairs with other women outside of their marriage. The “D Lo” manager cheated on Rasheeda with ex-stripper Jasmine Washington and got her pregnant. He recently began spending time with his 18-month-old son Kannon. He also allegedly cheated on his wife two seasons ago on “LHHATL” during a cabin trip and denied having a threesome with two women on national tv.

However, the couple has still been spotted out together. Rasheeda revealed on season 7’s finale that she planned on giving her marriage another chance.

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