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Fans Notice ‘GUHH’ Zonnique’s Eyes Are Back to Brown, But Only One

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come on home babe🌹

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Tiny’s 22-year-old daughter Zonnique Pullins shared a stunning photo on social media after attending her cousin’s wedding on Saturday.

The singer sported a rose-gold sequin dressed and a blue shoulder-length bob. She wrote the caption, “Come on home babe🌹.”

The Internet gushed over Pullins’ classy look and commented, “Yessss [Zonnique Jailee always beautiful and today you were nothing less than.”

However, fans also took notice to the star’s eye color and realized only one eye appeared to be back brown.

“Soooo you went back to brown eyes,” one fan asked.

“What happened to your color eyes, “another person commented.

Pullins and her mother Tiny Harris both permanently changed their eye colors back in 2014 and 2015. The 22-year-old told Juicy Magazine that she indeed changed her brown eyes to blueish gray after undergoing iris implant surgery.

She said, “I was so into it, and I’m like doing all my research, and she’s [Tiny] like, ‘Zo, you do not need it.’ But I went with her to take care of her while she got hers done,” Pullins said. “And I was like, ’Yeah, I would like to do this.'”

One fan asked, “Omggg girlll What happed to you contacts?” While another person speculated that Pullins could only get surgery done on “one” eye at a time.

People also pointed out that the former “OMG Girlz” group member had been posting several pictures with her only wearing sunglasses since last month in June. Social media users are also speculating as to whether or not Pullins underwent surgery again to revert back to her original brown eye color.

Nevertheless, fans praised the star for her “beauty” and reacted positively to her brown eye.

“Yessssss brown eyes 😍,” one person wrote.

“Awwww you changed your eyes back,” another fan said.

“Changed her eyecolor back to brown 😍.”

“Your eyes are brown 😍,” another person remarked.

Pullins’ mother Harris, announced on Instagram last week that the “Patience” singer will be dropping new music soon for her fans.

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