Cardi B Gets Roasted by Funk Flex and Others for Calling Herself ‘The King of New York’

Cardi Flex Beef


Cardi B makes a bold statement that has her in hot water with hip-hop fans. The “Drip” rapper says she is “the king of New York” in a new song with Lil Yatchy. 

The phrase is actually the name of a 1990 crime drama, but it’s also a title that’s been given to the best or biggest rapper in the five boroughs. Some have claimed the name as well.

For example, The Notorious B.I.G. called himself The King of New York. In fact, he took it one step further and branded himself Frank White, the name of the lead character in the film. Then Nas claimed the title, then JAY-Z, which they would fight about during their infamous 2001 battle.

However, when Cardi B spit the lyrics in Lil Yatchy’s new song “Who Want Smoke? she caused a stir.

“The fur on my shoulder mink / Tell me what Hov would think / I get money, I am The King of New York/ And I rock a sew-in weave,” she rhymed.

Soon after, Hot 97’s Funk Flex responded and a debate ensued.

“A below average rapper that doesn’t write could never be King or Queen of New York,” wrote the veteran DJ. “#JustMyOpinion: Biggie, JAY-Z, Nas built the requirements for that title.”

Others chimed in and took sides. Some said Cardi calling herself “The King of New York” is disgraceful, and it shows how the importance of skill level in rap has dwindled.

Plus, a few people brought up that Cardi co-writes her songs with the rapper Pardison Fontaine, which disqualifies her from being the king or queen.

“Why does this even have to be stated?” one person wrote in response to Flex. “It’s time to bring back common sense. Protect real music and artists.

“You’d be surprised,” someone else tweeted. “People get a couple of hits and determine they are music royalty. Common sense is not common at all.”

A lot of Cardi’s fans then stuck up for her and blasted Flex for his tweet. But the biggest response came from the “Bodak Yellow” rapper herself, who seemed confused why people were so bothered.

“Why y’all so mad about that?” she asked. “Did I say I was the best rapper from New York? No. Does this sh– gotta do with rapping? No. I know street n—–s and street bitches that feel like they the king and queen of New York.”

“Why can’t I feel like I’m a king of New York? Every single time I go to my city people cheer me on, people show me so much love, people show me so much support, and it has nothing to do with this rapping,” added Cardi.


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