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‘Married to Medicine’ Dr. Simone Whitmore Applauded for ‘Still Going Strong’ In Once Unstable Marriage 

Dr. Simone Whitmore continues to spend time with her husband and family months after calling off her divorce from Cecil Whitmore.

The “Married to Medicine” star on Tuesday posted a picture with her spouse of 21 years and one of their sons, 19-year-old Miles.

“Hanging out with my men! @cecilcwhit @mdwhit98. Ready for fun times if they can keep me awake! 😜.”

“@drsswhit @cecilcwhit Yawl missing one! 😘,” a fan noted of 15-year-old Michael who was noticeably absent from an otherwise complete family photo.

“@tararob Wish we were missing 2! 😂,” she jokingly responds.

Married to Medicine Married to Medicine

Other fans celebrated the fact that the duo continues to be united after a divorce was on the horizon back in January.

“So happy to see y’all still going strong 💪🏽.” “Love it. I’m so happy yall back together.”

“You guys look great! I’m so happy for you!!!” “My heart’s happy seeing you 2 together. The world would be broken hearted if you parted🤗.”

“I love yall together… Stay with it.” “My heart is so happy. You two are relationship goals and I’m so happy y’all worked it out..”

When Dr. Whitmore told People magazine the couple was splitting up, it seemed there was no turning back.

“I have reached a place where I am in a marriage where I do not feel loved and no sacrifices are being made for me to make me feel loved,” she said, “I must move on.”

But by March, the OBGYN was saying something totally different. After Cecil committed to cutting out long-time friend Tammy from his life, Dr. Whitmore told Bravo in March that they’re going to make their marriage work.

“Cecil and I left the reunion committed to one another to work on our marriage… We are in counseling individually and together…We are still living separately but hopeful for a union under one roof soon.”

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