Dr. Simone and Cecil Pump the Brakes On Their Divorce, and Here’s Why

It’s fair to say people were surprised when “Married to Medicine” star Dr. Simone Whitmore announced in January she and her husband of 21 years were getting divorced, but the couple seemed to have had a change of heart.

The Whitmores revealed on the final episode of the three-part season 5 reunion, they’ve decided to hit the pause button on their divorce and work on fixing their marriage. However, Cecil’s choice to end his platonic friendship with a woman named Tammy to save his marriage really put things in motion. A little help from their castmates diligently working to help them repair their marriage didn’t hurt either.

“The last couple of years, I’ve told him he’s making other people more important, and I’ve validated my feelings in counseling, and I know that I’m right on this issue… [Tammy] is a huge problem and has been for five years, and I’ve complained about this over and over for five years,” the OBGYN said.

Dr. Simone

Season 5 reunion finale (Bravo Tv)

Well, it turns out Cecil made the right choice! Dr. Simone told Bravo, “Cecil and I left the reunion committed to one another to work on our marriage… We are in counseling individually and together…We are still living separately but hopeful for a union under one roof soon.”

The duo share sons Miles, 19 and Michael, 15. Simone relayed to People Magazine, “For me, I’m not going back to the way it was… Neither one of us were happy. So we can’t go back to the old dysfunctional relationship that we had. I won’t do it. We’re trying to establish something new — something better — that’s fulfilling for both of us where we are both feeling love and enjoying one another’s company.”

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