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‘RHOA’ Kandi Burruss Gushes with Pride After Sending Daughter Riley Off to Summer Law Program

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” breakout star and proud mother of two Kandi Burruss shared a sweet post of her daughter Riley Burruss on Instagram Wednesday. The 15-year-old went away for a two-week summer program and the singer misses her already.

Kandi posted a video of Riley’s YouTube vlog on her social media and captioned her post, “I just dropped off my baby for a 10-day law program for high school students. I miss [Riley Burruss already! Check out her vlog on her Youtube page if you haven’t already. The link is in her IG bio. #RileysRoadToSuccess.”

Fans commended the “Xscape” artist for being such an amazing mother and for raising Riley into the “smart and beautiful” teenager she is.

One person wrote, ” I don’t know her but I absolutely love her… On the show you can tell you did an amazing a job❤.”

Another added, “What a blessing!!! Thank you for sharing your precious gift. She’s encouraging my 14 year old right this very minute💜.”

“I just love Riley, reminds me of my daughter, one of the few young ladies that acts very much like a young, respectable lady. Kandi you are blessed to have such a bright, good girl, you’ve done a wonderful job raising her,” a fan wrote.

Kandi told Bravo in March, she’d always wanted her daughter to pursue a career in law. “To be an attorney, I really always wanted that for her,” she expressed. “When I tell you, everybody sees shy Riley on TV but Riley at home, she will debate you and argue you down.”

The proud mother also showed off her daughter’s recent 52 lbs weight loss transformation. She gushed over Riley’s hard work and wrote on social media, “I’m so proud of my baby [Riley Burruss!… Last year Riley decided to get serious about being fit. With the help of her trainer [Iamthekingoffitness] she’s lost 52lbs!”

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