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Mo’Nique Dispels Rumor About Landing $10M Netflix Deal and Hits Back at Lee Daniels

Mo’Nique is taking some time to clear up a new rumor about herself and Netflix while also clapping back at her “Precious” director Lee Daniels.

A rumor emerged Sunday, July 1 claiming that the streaming giant is offering Mo a $10 million deal following her dispute with the company this year.

A source said to be close to Mo’Nique told MTO News that her manager husband Sydney Hicks is working on finalizing a deal with Netflix.

“Netflix tried to VIOLATE Mo’Nique because she’s a Black woman — but Monique and her husband STOOD THEIR GROUND,” the insider said before noting the firing of PR Chief Jonathan Friedland for using the N-word. “Netflix is going through it now — with the RACISM CHARGES — so they’re paying Mo’Nique.”

The comedian has made several appearances over the last year discussing how Netflix only offered her $500,000 for a special compared to multi-million dollar deals given to Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle and Amy Schumer.

“So I gotta address this $10 million Netflix deal,” the comedian says on Instagram Monday, July 2. “What’s a word that rhymes with jokes but starts with the letter H? Y’all got it, it’s a goddamn hoax. That is not true, my babies.”

The star went on to urge fans to continue discussing the truth to keep rumors at bay.

“The truth only goes away if we stop talking and y’all know I ain’t gon’ stop talking,” she says after likening this rumor to the claim that she’s difficult to work with. “And Lee Daniels, you shut up.”

The last dig, which Mo said with a knowing chuckle, follows the “Empire” creator saying she needs to “shut up” about being blackballed.

“For her to think that I could do anything… I don’t know… It ain’t even worth the conversation,” he told TMZ’s Raq Rants earlier that day. “Like, she needs to shut up.”

Meanwhile, several of Mo’s supporters have been backing her newest video post.

“Auntie we are grateful for you. Keep living your truth. It always pays in the end.”

“@therealmoworldwide you let no one shut you up. Keep talking.”


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