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Mo’Nique Digs Up Receipts About Netflix Audition Rumor


Mo’Nique used her resume to try to negotiate increased pay from Netflix. (Photo by Randall Michelson/WireImage)

After a journalist claimed Mo’Nique could have auditioned to get a $3 million deal from Netflix, the comic has provided the proof that she got no such option.

Mo’Nique initially went public with her fight to get equal pay for a Netflix comedy special Friday, Jan. 19 and after that, she became the target of a back and forth between herself and reporter Jawn Murray. He said in a Facebook Live chat that after initially offering her $500,000 for a special, Netflix gave her the option to audition in front of executives to earn a $3 million payout.

Mo’Nique, who is boycotting Netflix, dispelled that notion on “The Tom Joyner Morning Show” Monday, Jan. 29 and on Wednesday, Jan. 31, the star provided an email screenshot confirming her pay.

“For the above, I can offer a talent fee of $500,000 with Netflix also covering the production budget ($310k) for an all in fee of $810,000,” the email reads.

“NETFLIX OFFER. @jawnmurray IS THIS A 3 MILLION DOLLAR OFFER? JOIN US TODAY LIVE AS WE DISCUSS,” Mo’Nique wrote, promising to discuss the matter on her podcast, “Mo’Nique & Sidney’s Open Relationship.”

Murray has yet to respond but fans have continued to rally around Mo’Nique.

“I love and stand with you sis!!!” a follower said.

“That’s pure slavery Netflix,” another fan said.

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