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Erica Mena’s LHHATL Antics Has Fans Begging for Her to Get the Boot

erica mena


Fans are over Erica Mena.

Viewers tuning into “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” earlier this week wanted the reality star axed from the VH1 series after witnessing her confront Stevie J’s daughter Savannah at his DangerZone showcase.

Among other things, viewers also took in a heated confrontation with Just Brittany between Mena, Estalita and Spice that resulted in Mena pouring a drink in the wrong Louboutin (it belonged to Spice, not Brittany).

With so much drama involving the cast member who had minimal screentime, many viewers hoped to no longer see her face on their screens.


“Seriously why is Erica Mena here? Can we trade her for Eric Dixon please I beg I beg!!! She is useless #LHHATL.”

“This show is tired 😴 Erica Mena brings nothing to the show. Why is you here hoe? #LHHATL.”

“We really didn’t need Erica Mena on #LHHATL she’s annoying as hell!”

“#LHHATL Why is Erica Mena on da show???”

Plus, LHHA fans also went in on Mena’s questionable singing ability, which was the root of one of Mena’s issues with Stevie J.

“Lmfaoooo Stevie said ‘Erica Mena?…She can sing?’ 😂😂😂 we all wanna know bc we know she can’t. RUN YOUR TAPES BACK! *NeNe’s voice* #LHHATL.”

Mena got involved in some serious drama with Stevie earlier this month when he called her son a gay slur that she called him in turn. He didn’t take kindly to the retort and allegedly attacked her. It’s rumored that the music producer got kicked off the show as a result.

After that, Mena threw shade at Stevie when she posted a photo of boyfriend Cliff Dixon. After a fan asked her if he’ll fight on her behalf she replied, “My man doesn’t fight girls.”

But for now, it seems like Stevie got the last word. When a fan said he hates “to see that controversy involving my dawg,” the TV personality said, “it’s all TV bro but I come in love and treat people; [accordingly]. Love.”

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