LHHATL Tokyo Vanity Wins Praise for Shutting Down Ex-Boyfriend


Tokyo Vanity is truly becoming a fan favorite on “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” and social media users commended her even more for standing her ground with her ex-boyfriend Tabius Tate.

Tate and Vanity broke up earlier during the season after the New Orleans native found out her boyfriend was still spending time and communicating with his ex-girlfriend. She also discovered that he and Jamaican artist Spice were dating soon after they broke up which led to a big blow up between Tokyo and the Dance-hall musician.

Vanity’s ex-boyfriend tried to make his way back in her life and paid a visit to the star with flowers in his hand at a body positive event where she spoke. There was one problem, Tate was accompanied by Keely Love who got into a physical altercation with Vanity and her friend Sierra Gates at the “Timeless” artist’s listening party.

As soon as Vanity’s ex-boyfriend walked into her dressing room, the star instantly had her guard up. “I don’t like her and don’t bring that h*e around me,” she told her ex-boyfriend. “So you can do what you gone do.”

Tate commented on the fact he bought her flowers and Vanity replied, “I don’t care about none of this… Tabius bye.”

The aspiring left his ex-girlfriend’s dressing room after she told him that it was “over with”, but not before he threw a water bottle down by her. Vanity instantly reacted and flung her bouquet of flowers at Tate’s back.

Fans gave kudos to Vanity for staying strong and not giving into the temptation of her ex-boyfriend.

“She knows her worth and won’t settle for less,” one fan said.

“Yaaaass! Finally a strong Black woman,” one viewer wrote.

“Tokyo the youngest one but got the MOST common sense on the show , common sense aint common no more,” another fan said.



Vanity and Tate are no longer together and she seems to be happy with her new boyfriend Ferrari, who she’s be flaunting all over her Instagram.

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