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Tokyo Vanity Clowns with Her Boyfriend Who Playfully Takes Over Her Father’s Shine

“Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star Tokyo Vanity and her new boyfriend Ferrari seem to be lovey-dovey as they joke with one another on her Instagram post.

The reality star took to Twitter on Sunday to post a sweet message to her step-father, who she acknowledges as dad, and thanked him for being a positive male figure in her life.

Vanity wrote, “Dear daddy I wanna say thank you for adopting me and showing me the world … you’re forever one of the realest niggas I know … when my dad chose not to be in my life when I was born you were there with open arms … I can never repay you for that …. thank you for always being here and always spoiling me with love, attention , affection, street smarts, nigga smarts , material shit, time and anything else a father could spoil a daughter with …. you showed me the definition of how a real man carry himself happy Father’s Day I love you!”

Just a few moments later the reality star’s beau flirtatiously commented, “No worries beautiful it’s a new daddy in town 😭” and she responded back to her bae “lmfaoooooooo stop playing in my daddy post 😂.”

Fans also joined in on their hilarious conversation. One person wrote, “[Ferrari] cutting up bad 😂.”

Another said, “This for Daddy not Zaddy 😭.”

MizzShonda commented, “Y’all too cute.”

“He playy 2 much 😂,” another person said.

Vanity is reportedly the youngest “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” cast-mate to appear on the reality show at 23-years-old according to In Touch Weekly. Like many other of her co-stars, she’s known for her musical success with her 2015 hit song “That’s My Best Friend.” The YouTube music video went viral and received 21,000,000 views. The New Orleans native is also considered a prominent influencer for younger girls who deals with body insecurities.

The reality star recently started dating rapper Ferrari and the couple seemed to be still going strong despite her past relationship troubles.

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