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Erica Mena and Stevie J’s Beef Heat Up After Daughter Gets Involved

“Love and Hip Hop Atlanta”‘s favorite firecrackers Stevie J and Erica Mena allegedly got into an altercation during the taping of the reunion, but people are confused as to what started their beef.

On Monday night’s episode of Season 7 music producer, Stevie J. held a talent showcase for his “Danger Zone Entertainment” artists and Mena showed up to support her friend Estelita Quintero. However, things turned sour in a matter of minutes when the “hitmaker”‘s daughter Savanna lunged at the model, but security shuts the fight down before it escalated.

After the two exchanged a few more words, Stevie J sat back down with the group including Mena and explained why his daughter tried to attack the television personality.

“Vanna felt some type of way, she be in my DMs and reading my messages from Erica,” the music exec said. Mena allegedly called Stevie J a b**ch in his inbox and was mad because she claimed the “good guy” was going around town asking personal questions about her.

“That’s a b**ch move,” Mena yelled. “So if I wanted to I could make you my b**ch, but I’m not going to do that.” She also claimed Stevie J. was mad because she refused to sign his music contract.

The tension between Stevie J. and Mena was already brewing by the time the duo appeared for the recording of LHHATL’s reunion show. A report alleges that the “Born Again Bluesman” singer called the model’s son a f*gg*t and dragged her name around Atlanta. Stevie J allegedly attacked Mena on set and was escorted from the premises.

VH1 allegedly fired Stevie, but there’s still no word if the two will be allowed to film for Season 8 of ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.’

Mena is still gunning for the music producer and recently shaded him on her Instagram profile and said, “My man doesn’t fight girls,” after a fan asked if her boyfriend was going to fight Stevie J.

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