Fans Clown Lil’ Kim for Saying She ‘Doesn’t Know’ Nicki Minaj


Lil’ Kim may have reignited her beef with Nicki Minaj after she shadily said she “doesn’t know” the “Chun-Li” rapper.

“You know, Cardi is my girl! I don’t know the other one,” Kim told Entertainment Tonight Wednesday at Paris Hilton x Boohoo’s official launch party. “But Cardi is my girl and so I’m so excited for my girl Cardi. I can’t wait for her to have the baby. I love you, Cardi!”

The blow isn’t surprising since Kim has been bubbling since 2007, when Minaj released a promo photo that looked a lot like Kim’s debut album cover “Hard Core.” Since then, the rappers — who have actually met before but have different stories about how it happened — traded barbs about one another on various tracks throughout the years.

On Kim’s 2011 song “Black Friday” — the mixtape cover of which features Kim after slashing a bloodied Minaj from her “Pink Friday” album artwork — she called her rival a “Lil’ Kim clone clown” and a “wannabe.” Nicki isn’t innocent in the feud, either, as she’s dissed her predecessor on songs too. The following year, the rapper released “Tragedy,” which featured artwork of Minaj standing with a sword as a cut Kim’s blood is splattered behind her.

“You was hot when Shaq teamed up with Penny/ Man, you was Magic/I mean, look at ya now ho, you just tragic/You a tragedy, you a parody,” Minaj rapped.

Meanwhile, Cardi’s star has risen immensely in the last year, as the former stripper and reality star became a chart-topping rapper with “Bodak Yellow.” Along the way, she’s forged a friendship with Lil’ Kim. The duo was even pictured together at New York Fashion Week in February, sparking hopes of a collaboration from fans.

Currently, though, fans are sounding off on Kim’s diss to Minaj.

“She too grown for this.”


“She pulled a Mariah Carey special.”

“Lmao suuuure you don’t know Nicki Minaj. That’s the only time she gets attention haha. You old and bitter. Nick has always had love for Kim; many times shes said she looks up to her so gtfo.”

“It’s been 10 years and Lil’ Kim still hasn’t moved on. Jealousy must be a terrible feeling.”

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