GUHHATL Reginae Carter Shuts Down Haters for Criticizing Weight Loss, Boyfriend

Lil Wayne’s daughter has effectively paved a way for herself and is living her best life despite critics. Reginae Carter has slimmed down and booed up lately but fans have taken issue with the circumstances surrounding these life changes.

Now, Carter is hitting back and calling the naysayers what they are: haters.

“The haters, you’re whack,” she said on Instagram Live Wednesday, June 20. “My mama probably gon’ be mad at me — a lot of people gon’ be mad at me for doin’ this but I’ma speak my mind ’cause that’s one thing I always do. I speak my mind. And y’all whack.”

The “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta” star has been criticized for her relationship with her much older boyfriend, rapper YFN Lucci and the method by which she dropped her extra pounds.

After 19-year-old Carter went public with dating 27-year-old YFN, social media erupted in criticism.

“Hold on YFN Lucci and Reginae????? That man is pushing 30 and he’s sexing a young babe? And Lil Wayne hasn’t killed him yet? What a wow.”

“Aye @YFNLUCCI on his R. Kelly s— #PaptingAFool.”

“YFN Lucci a whole ass weirdo and if u don’t see anything wrong with that u probably a predator too.”

And since touting Flat Tummy appetite suppressing lollipops on IG, Carter has seen blowback from that, too.

“Not you too. Honestly expect better from you. Appetite suppressant lollipops create a culture where we think it’s okay to starve ourselves and I refuse to promote or support that.”

“Stop scamming sis! A damn lollipop don’t make your tummy flat.”

But in response to Carter’s comeback, the star had lots of support.

“Y’all really grown as hell hating on a 19 yr old . Lame as the f—.”

“Damn YALL BIG MAD 😂😂😂!!! in these comments.. shut up and mind ya business.”

“Beautiful Nae!! People so mean and cruel.”

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