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After Chad Johnson Slides Into Gizelle Bryant’s Comments, Fans Clamor for Them to Get Together

A video of “The Real Housewives of Potomac” star Gizelle Bryant doing a silly dance seems innocuous enough, but when former NFLer Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson slid in the comments, it sent fans into a tizzy.

Bryant showcased her RHOP confessional look to fans explaining she wore a romper and leggings because “the studio is so cold.”

“My dancing [is] horrible,” she added.

But bad is it may be, it was enough to catch the eye of former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Johnson.

gizelle bryant

While the comment was simple, fans swiftly shipped Ochocinco and Bryant as a couple.

@ochocinco you better shoot your shot.”

“Steph Curry flow.”

“@ochocinco it’s either a yes or no right? Why not?”

“@ochocinco 👀👀👀👀”

“@gizellebryant and @ochocinco need to get together!”

“@ochocinco date @gizellebryant”

“@ochocinco y’all please date 😭 y’all would be perfect.”

Bryant, who recently split from retired NBA star Sherman Douglas, hasn’t responded to Johnson’s remark — or pleas from fans for them to make things official — but she may not even want to.

Johnson’s marriage to “Basketball Wives” star Evelyn Lozada ended after 41 days in 2012 when he was arrested and charged in a domestic violence incident one weekend. Lozada filed for divorce saying the marriage was “irretrievably broken” after Johnson allegedly headbutted her during an argument.

Lozada, who is currently single after dating Carl Crawford for a year, has since devoted her time to domestic violence causes. But in a 2018 interview, she gave a surprising answer when asked who she could call if her life was on the line.

“Chad. And not that I don’t have faith in Carl, Carl would be there, but we’re talking about if my life is on the line,” she told “Van Lathan’s The Red Pill Podcast” in March.

Regardless, Bryant may be off the market as she’s gotten back into the dating scene after breaking up with Douglas. However, she’s said her new relationship isn’t anything serious.

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