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‘Real Housewives of Potomac’ Gizelle Bryant Has New Man After Recent Split from Sherman Douglas

The “Real Housewives of Potomac” reality couple Gizelle Bryant and Sherman Douglas have called it quits after being together for a-year-and-a-half.

Bryant revealed that she and her former boo were having communication issues and couldn’t seem to work past them. During episode 10 of Season 3, the reality star dropped the unfortunate news to Robyn and Juan Dixon who were extremely shocked.

“Sherman and I have huge communication issues, OK? So we agreed we’re going to counseling, we’re gonna make things better,” Bryant told the pair. “So I call him when I was coming over here, and he said, ‘I need another perspective to see whether or not we should even be in this relationship.’ I am here to try to fight to make this relationship work, and for him to not even try to meet me halfway makes me feel like I’m not even worth fighting for.”

The RHOP star told The Daily Dish that she and Douglas were done for good and there wasn’t any hope of repairing their relationship.

“Sherman is a fantastic guy, like totally fantastic. However, I know I’m a lot to deal with. I get that. So the key to having a relationship with me is communication,” Bryant explained. “And I think that throughout the intensity of our relationship, he kind of shut down and just would not communicate with me. So it’s just hard to go down a road knowing that a person just lacks the ability to communicate. So, you know, we had to go our separate ways.”

The Bravo star admitted that she had her doubts of bringing Douglas on the show and felt their “public” relationship may have been too much for him.

However, the two still come across each other at the gym where they first met and Bryant said she shows Douglas “mad love,” but doesn’t “know if he wants to talk to me anymore.” She seems to be handling the break-up pretty well, but she said the news was a little hard to accept for her three daughters.

“My daughters were sad. And it made me really kind of want to work at the relationship harder than I would normally. Because normally, I’m like the Breakup Queen, Bryant said. “So knowing that my girls loved Sherman, I really wanted to work on it a little harder. But it’s a good lesson for children to know sometimes it doesn’t work out and you move on, and hopefully they’ll like the next guy.”

According to Bravo, The RHOP star said she’s already dating a new man, but claimed it’s nothing serious.

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