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Porsha Williams’ New Mystery Man Fuels Speculation Over Who It Could be

Porsha Williams knows about love and loss. “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star’s time in and out of love has been well documented on the Bravo reality series and after she took some time to try to find Mr. Right on a dating show, she finally may have found the one.

After divorcing former NFLer Kordell Stewart in 2013, Williams has been involved in everything from a younger man to a rekindled romance that led to a proposed “baby prenup” and a failed date with a matchmaker.

On the new season of “Love Connection,” Wiliams sits in the hot seat to find love and host Andy Cohen told “Entertainment Tonight” in May she’s “legitimately looking to settle down and fall in love and have kids.”

Whether or not that’s how she met her new mystery man isn’t known but Williams has an idea about what led her to me her boyfriend.

“And that’s how it happens, it’s always when you’re not looking anymore,” Williams says on “Dish Nation” Wednesday, June 13. “It’s when you go ahead and give up … I stopped looking and he arrived.”

The Go Naked virgin hair line creator then joked about how her unnamed man showing up prevented her from becoming a cat lady.

“I gave up, honey, and bought cats online,” she says. “They on the way, Ima have to cancel the order. I was ready to just let it go!”

However, unlike many of her past high-profile relationships, Williams wants to keep this one under wraps for as long as she can.

“I really wanna be private with this one until I have to [share it],” she says before noting that she still deciding with her mystery beau if he’ll be on RHOA or not. “I’m treading really lightly.”

Meanwhile, fans have been chatting about the latest Williams relationship update.

“I hope sis do find her Mr. Right cause I wanna see Porsha’s wedding okayyyyy 😂😂 stay praying on it sis.”

“Take your time Porsha. Don’t fall too fast.”

“@realrickeysmiley is it you?”

“If it’s Rickey Smiley I’ll never forget about a month ago he said on HIS Morning show, those housewives checks be thick and ‘Hell yeah I’ll be a husband or boyfriend to get those checks!’ Now I’m gonna sit back and watch to see if this make believe will be out together”

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