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Tiffany Haddish Responds To Tracy Morgan Diss, Talks Disagreement on Set

Tiffany Haddish Tracy Morgan Respond


Remember when Tracy Morgan blew off that question about Tiffany Haddish last month?

He did it while promoting their show “The Last O.G.” after a reporter asked him about her current success.

“We not gonna go there,” said Morgan. “Tiffany is not the only one. This is not Tiffany Haddish, this is Tracy Morgan. This is ‘The Last O.G.’ If you gon’ ask about Tiffany, ask that about Cedric [the Entertainer], ask that about craft services, everybody that comes to work on that show.”

A lot of people criticized Morgan for his comments, including comedian Lil Rel Howery, who in a tweet, told him that it’s Haddish who keeps him relevant.

But in a newly released interview, Haddish told everyone to calm down, and she understands why her co-star was so annoyed.

“He’s probably just tired of hearing my name,” she said. “It’s exhausting. I’m tired of hearing my name. I could see how that could be irritating, like, ‘Hello, I died, people. I’m back from the dead. Tiffany’s cool, but it’s me sitting here now.’ So I get it. I’m not mad about it. I love me some Tracy.”

In addition, the in-demand actress said she asked Rel to remove his tweet about Morgan, but he refused. Haddish also revealed that other comics reached out to her, but she told them to let the whole thing go. 

It turns out that she was cast in “The Last O.G.” prior to “Girl’s Trip,” a film that would instantly make her a household name. In fact, Haddish’s character Shay on the show was written to be a serious kind of person but after “Girl’s Trip,” she was told to play the role in a comedic way, more like Dina from the movie. 

Plus, Haddish and Morgan bumped heads one day on the set. It was after her much talked about appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” and some might say that Morgan instigated the whole thing.

“When the Jimmy Kimmel thing came out he’s like, ‘I saw you on Jimmy Kimmel, you was nervous as f–k, huh?'” she recalled. “I’m like, ‘No.’ ‘Haddish, come on I could see it in your eyes, you were scared.’ … But you don’t argue with Tracy, you just say, ‘OK, yeah, you’re right.'”

Cedric the Entertainer, who plays Miniard Mullins on the show, also talked about Morgan blowing off the reporter’s question about Haddish.

“This is Tracy’s comeback,” he told TMZ. “He’s been working on this show a long time. Tiffany’s hot. You get in these interviews, and people want to ask the same questions over and over again … It wasn’t no hate like that. I think people took that the wrong way.”

Haddish and Morgan are scheduled to shoot the second season of “The Last O.G.” this coming summer.

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