Tracy Morgan Blows Up at Interviewers for Asking about Tiffany Haddish

Tracy Morgan is not here for Tiffany Haddish getting her shine while the light dims on his other co-stars.

The star of “The Last O.G.” made that clear when he sat down to chat at Vulture Festival about his show, on which Haddish plays his former flame.

When asked about Haddish’s star rising, Morgan, who is one of the TBS show’s executive producers, went on the defensive.

“We not gonna go there,” Morgan says in the Tuesday, May 29 clip. “Tiffany is not the only one. This is not Tiffany Haddish, this is Tracy Morgan. This is ‘The Last O.G.’ If you gon ask about that Tiffany, ask that about Cedric [the Entertainer], ask that about craft services, everybody that comes to work on that show. We not gonna go there.”

He went on to discuss craft services, which is the on-set department that provides food to actors and crew members, before explaining why he didn’t simply want to focus on Haddish.

“I love Tiffany, but how I run my set is different,” he says. “I run it as a family.”

But despite Morgan saying he adores his co-star, comedian Lil Rel Howery says the Saturday Night Live alum was “hating” on Haddish.

“This is one hating ass dude right here. That show would be nothing if @TiffanyHaddish wasn’t on it… Don’t bite the hand that keeps you relevant!!!” Howery tweeted Thursday, May 31.

Other fans tweeted their own reactions to Morgan’s remarks.

“He was trash even before Walmart put him on the clearance shelf.”

“Y’all took this as hating? What celebrity likes getting interviewed and asked about ANOTHER celebrity? Whitney Houston used to shut down interviews when they asked her about other singers.”

“Ok I love the last OG and I respect your opinion but it’s not true. Tracy, Cedric, and the characters make the show. He also said give other ppl credit Tiffany is funny but she don’t make the show 🤷🏾‍♀️.”

“I could be wrong but that sounds a lil haterish🤔.”

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