‘Married to Medicine’ Star Miss Quad Gets Real About Why She Absolutely Had to Leave Husband Dr. G


“Married to Medicine” star Quad Webb-Lunceford is opening up about her divorce for the first time since news leaked that she filed to leave her husband, Dr. Greg Lunceford.

In May, the Jasmine Brand reported that Webb-Lunceford had filed to divorce Lunceford on April 2, 2018. The reality star recently explained she discussed how she stood firm on the decision with “Sister Circle Live.”

“I talked a little about me filing for divorce and me choosing not to be in a state of depression, but choosing to be a victor,” Webb-Lunceford explains June 11 of her time as a panelist on the “Let It Go” brunch.

“A lot of times we put ourselves in suffrage and bondage, for what?” she continues. “Because we feel that we need to be loyal to this person or situation even though it’s not right? Or things have shifted a little … I just choose to not fall victim to that. I choose to say, ‘This is the decision that I have made. I’m going to stand firm and strong on that and I’m gonna forge forward.’”

The couple’s marriage woes were exposed on the previous season of “Married to Medicine.” They butted heads over starting a family and Dr. G being spotted leaving a hotel with another woman who later made an extortion attempt on him.

In her filing, Webb-Lunceford accused her husband of “cruel treatment willfully inflicted” upon her, “such as reasonably justified apprehension” for her mental health, and adultery.

By May, Lunceford filed a response claiming his wife had — among other things — removed pre-marital property, like furniture, from their home without his permission.

Meanwhile, in response to Webb-Lunceford’s discussion of how she stood firm in her decision to divorce, many fans applauded her.

“Yesss Ms. Quad stand your ground pretty lady.”

“Miss Quad, you got strength!”

“I love you Quad! Your strength is amazing! This too shall pass!”

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