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Tami Roman Surprises Fans with a ‘Spontaneous’ Short Do for the Summer

VH1 reality star Tami Roman switched from “long hair don’t care” to a fierce yet elegant hair-cut.

One trait fans have always admired about the reality star is her unapologetic mannerisms and Roman’s hairstyle is definitely a reflection of her personality.

The 48-year-old unveiled a stunning photo of her new short haircut on Instagram Saturday with the caption, “‘Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes.’ ~ Tzu”

She also sported an orange and yellow floral two-piece suit with a bold red lip, over-sized hoops and two statement pieces.

“Yesterday I thought I was clever enough to change those around me…today I am wise enough to focus simply on changing myself ~ Rumi,” Roman wrote.

Could a new hairdo symbolize a massive change in the “Basketball Wives” star’s life?

Well, Roman has been making money moves and recently signed a deal with “Tidal” to pick up her viral “Bonnet Chronicles” series and announced she and longtime boyfriend Reggie Youngblood are looking forward to their new reality show “Beverly Trill Billies.” She’s also been performing stand-up comedy while touring the U.S.

One thing’s for sure the reality star is on a celebratory path of elevation.

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