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Sheryl Underwood Breaks Down Over Kate Spade, Remembers Losing Husband to Suicide

After news that designer Kate Spade died of suicide broke, the next major piece of information that had been revealed was Spade’s suicide note left for her daughter.

“Bea — I have always loved you. This is not your fault. Ask Daddy,” the note read according to TMZ.

For comedian Sheryl Underwood, the note hit home. TMZ reported her husband, who she didn’t name, were married for three years before he died in 1990.

“I’m kinda emotional about this because as you know my husband killed himself,” she says on the Wednesday, June 6 edition of “The Talk.” “You will never know, you’ll never know if it’s clinical depression, you’ll never know if it’s financial stress. You’ll never know.”

“I’m sad for her daughter, for that to be in the note because my husband left a note,” Underwood added. “And what the note does to the person who is still alive is, it shows that the person who is no longer alive has now had the final word. There’s nothing you can do about it now. And that pain… it doesn’t go away. I really hope that the family can come together for her daughter because it just doesn’t go away.”

In response, several fans were sympathetic toward Underwood.

“Sheryl is my favorite — she is very real and sincere and just a really good person. Sorry she had to go through the pain of her husband’s suicide. 💞”

“This is heartbreaking, depression is so terrible it consumes innocent people and these are the results, it’s devastating and I’m terribly sorry for Sheryl and for the millions of others that are living with this pain.”

“Sheryl, what an incredibly brave thing to do to speak out about her experience.
Good thoughts for those who are struggling.”

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