Confusion During Kanye West Listening Party Leads Wyoming Ranch to Ban Rappers, Fans Cry Foul

kanye west ban
(Photo by Alessio Botticelli/GC Images)

A confusing and unorganized night during Kanye West’s “Ye” album listening party has caused the Wyoming ranch that hosted it to ban any other rappers from using the space.

Jane Golliher, owner and operator of Diamond Cross Ranch in Moran, Wyo., told The Blast June 4 that the event was good exposure for the ranch but it was the “most confusing” event they’ve hosted.

Golliher said the Thursday, May 31 event was a “learning curve” music-wise and that things kept changing “every 30 minutes.” The ranch owner said the party was set to be indoors but switched to an outdoor thing. That led to noise complaints from neighbors who were bothered that sounds crept up to 120 decibels. According to the Teton County noise ordinance, sounds after 10 p.m. should be kept under 80 decibels.

To smooth over the irritated neighbors’ concerns, Golliher had to send employees to their places to avoid complaints being sent to the county.

But that wasn’t all.

Another thing that changed was the end time for the party, which was supposed to be 10 p.m, but Ye didn’t arrive until 9:30 p.m. The event continued through midnight when Golliher alleges things became so chaotic that her husband threatened to pull the power if it didn’t end soon.

Because of the ups and downs, Golliher has vowed there will be “no more rappers” at the ranch. But she’s willing to host an event featuring “good music,” and will likely only do a “day concert.”

Still, the owner maintains she has no issues with West, applauding his event planners and employees. She also said she had no ill will against the many who went out in droves to hear Ye’s new music. But she still feels deceived about the details of the day and said she should have charged more for the event to the tune of $50,000.

As for why she thinks things went so far left, Golliher blames it on everyone being from “California and L.A.”

Fans have been responding to Golliher’s remarks with accusations of racism.

“Lmao! Ranch owners? You mean racists🤣”

“‘…and only by an artist who makes good music’ this lady rly trying hard not 2 say the n-word on god.”

“Guess this was the first and last time Black people have been in Wyoming.”

“They walked outside and never seen so many black people in one place.”

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