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Candace Owens on Systemic Racism: ‘I Don’t Take That to be One of the Big Problems Facing the Black Community’

Fox News commentator Candace Owens didn’t hold back in her rebuke of the Philadelphia Eagles, calling players of the NFL team “narcissistic” for declining President Donald Trump’s invitation to the White House.

Owens’ comments came during a panel discussion on “Fox & Friends” where she and pro-Trump super PAC creator Charlie Kirk ripped into the Eagles for refusing to “pay gratitude to [the] president.” Kirk, the founder of Turning Point USA, griped that “only in America” could football players win the Super Bowl and not “pay tribute to the greatest country in the history of the world.”

“Pay tribute to this president,” he continued.

On Tuesday, Trump rescinded his White House invitation after several Eagles players said they wouldn’t be attending. He held a “Celebration of America” on the South Lawn instead.

Owens, who serves as urban engagement director for Turning Point, claimed the players couldn’t have a grown-up conversation with the president because they were “too narcissistic” and have “a god-complex.”

“… What we’re really seeing is a window into the narcissistic, egotistical minds that is the celebrity brain,” Owens said of the footballers. “They actually think that they deserve more honor and more respect and more dignity than our veterans and our troops.”

“And they’re unwilling to work with this administration simply because they have a god complex,” she added. “I think what President Trump did here is so great. It’s exactly what needed to happen; a separation between the church and the state, the celebrities and the White House, especially on the backs of Barack Obama, who is honoring these celebrities and making them feel that there were better than the American people.”

“Fox & Friends” host Brian Kilmeade chimed in to remind Kirk and Owens that NFL players began kneeling during the anthem to protest police brutality and discrimination in the U.S. Owens’ dismissed the players’ concerns, however, contending that Black on Black crime is a much more important issue.

“I don’t take that problem to be one of the big problems that is facing the Black community,” Owens argued. “The bigger problem is black on black crime. Until they’re willing to talk the deeper issues that are rooted in our communities, I will not take seriously this war on our police officers, who in fact save Black lives.”

Watch more of the interview above.

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