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Kanye West Plays Peacekeeper, Calls for Truce Between Drake and Pusha-T

Kanye West

Kanye West said the ongoing beef between rappers Drake (left) and Pusha T “isn’t good for anyone.” (Images courtesy of Noel Vasquez/GC Images, Collective-Evolution, Mike Lawrie/Getty Images)

Embattled rapper Kanye West is calling for a truce between fellow lyricists Drake and Pusha-T after a week of the two taking painfully personal digs at one another.

West, who dropped his latest album on Friday, called for the cease fire, tweeting, ” … I’ve never been about beef. I’m all about love. Lines were crossed and it’s not good for anyone so this is dead now.”

The rapper’s plea comes on the heels of diss tracks exchanged between Drake and Pusha-T, which began as a light tit-for-tat and simple disses. Things got personal, however, when Pusha-T took aim at Drake’s absent father and revealed that his rival had fathered a child with a former adult film star.

To make matters worse, Pusha-T dropped a never before seen photo of Drake in blackface and used it as the cover art for “The Story of Adidon,” a direct reference to Drake’s alleged secret child. The “God’s plan” rapper was forced to issue an explanation to fans about the controversial image, but it did little to quell the outrage.

Drake still has yet to address Pusha-T’s claims about his secret child but it appears this high profile rap beef is far from over.

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