Wendy Williams Doesn’t Buy Kim Kardashian’s Push for Prison Reform, Thinks She’s ‘Bored and Unsatisfied with Her Marriage’


Several people have been outspoken about Kim Kardashian meeting President Donald Trump to address prison reform and some — including Wendy Williams — feel the star isn’t sincere in her work.

The talk show host on Thursday addressed Kardashian’s White House visit with Trump and advisors including Jared Kushner, where the reality show star specifically advocated to pardon Alice Marie Johnson. Johnson, 62, has been imprisoned for over 21 years for a non-violent drug crime.

Kardashian told Mic the day before her Wednesday stop in Washington, D.C. that she decided to use the money she used to drop on a shopping spree to “save someone’s life.”

“That would make me … just my heart fuller,” she said. “I’m focused on criminal justice reform and helping one person at a time.”

The remark led Williams to surmise the reality starlet is bored with her life.

“I think Kim is bored with her money and unsatisfied with her marriage,” she says Thursday, May 31, leading the studio audience to audibly respond. “But better than prison reform, why don’t you do something closer to home, do something for mental health. I’m not laughing about that, I’m serious.

“The whole thing about pardoning Ms. Johnson, that’s nice, that’s cute,” she continues. “Kim though, you know what you need? There needs to be more mental rehab in prison so that when prisoners get out, they are rehabilitated … Do something close to home, but I applaud anything that she’s doing in terms of trying to make things better for somebody else.”

Fans later responded with their take on Kim K’s involvment.

“I don’t agree a 100% with Wendy about Kim Kardashian getting bored with her marrige or her life but I do believe that what happened to her in Paris had changed her a little or she’s looking for something to spice up their show.”
“(I’m not even a huge Kim K fan, I’m also not a hater lol.) Everyone complains that the Kardashians don’t do anything other than take their clothes off and now she’s doing something meaningful and people still complain. So stupid. She’s trying to help people.”

“I applaud Kim Kardashian for what she’s doing. Alice Marie Johnson should not be in jail for life for selling drugs.””I’m sorry but I got a bone to pick with Ms. Wendy. She kept saying Kim should back this cause or this cause & do something about mental health… instead of complaining as to what she should do… why don’t you take the plunge & become an advocate & a voice for those issues? I mean Kim is controversial but at least she’s using her platform for something.🙃.”



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