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Van Jones Defends Kim Kardashian Meeting With Trump Much to the Disdain of April Ryan

Van Jones praised Kim Kardashian’s business savvy for meeting with Donald Trump to discuss prison reform and sentencing, but April Ryan was having none of it.

Kardashian on Wednesday sat down with President Trump and other White House officials to discuss freeing 62-year-old Alice Marie Johnson, a grandmother who has been jailed for decades over a non-violent drug crime.

“People have always underestimated her,” Jones says on “CNN Tonight” Wednesday. “She is not a household name because she is a dummy. “She’s a brilliant marketer and she’s now using her marketing to try to help this woman.”

“Van, Van, Van, Van.” Ryan interrupted. ‘She’s a household name for something else, uh uh, she’s a household name for something else,” White House correspondent Ryan interjects waiving her finger, referencing the reality star’s 2007 sex tape.

The conversation turned to The New York Post’s cover of Kardashian and Trump in the Oval Office with the headline, “Kim Thong Un Pitches Prez on Prison Reform.”

Later on, Jones addresses his problem with people dismissing Kardashian’s efforts.

“The dismissal of Kim Kardashian based on a mistake that she made when she was a young woman, I’m just tired of that,” he says at the 8:24 mark. “A lot of people have made that kind of mistake with a sex tape but they have not then gone on to build multi-hundred million dollar or billion dollar businesses. Part of what has to happen, if we believe in redemption — for Ms. Alice, for the 200,000 federal prisoners, for everybody — then, let’s believe in it for everybody and applaud people when they do the right thing. For once, let’s applaud people when they do the right thing.”

He added that he applauds Kardashian and the Trump administration — even though he disagrees with the White House on almost all issues.

Still not everyone was convinced about Kim K.

“Kim Kardashian is just pulling [an] Omarosa… you know, pretending to ‘I will lick the devil’s feces just to save my underdog.’ The problem is, Kim only has one underdog per month, at best.”

“Kim Kardashian is just covering her husband’s tracks.”

“Kim on prison reform, no I don’t take this nonsense serious either. If he was serious Kim K would not be there.congress would be.people with studies. It’s silly.”

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