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Man Who Helped Migos Rapper Offset After Car Accident Reveals New Details About the Crash

EXCLUSIVE! What Happened With @migos @offsetyrn Car Accident! Frank And Wanda Morning Show's Miss Sophia sat down with the Good Samaritan JM'mer Coleman and got the scoop!UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE OFFSET CALLED HIM AND THANKED HIM! ALSO OFFSET IS BUYING HIM A CAR!@frankandwandamorningshow @frankski @wandasmithv103@therealmisssophia @v103atlanta @iamcardib

Posted by Frank Ski on Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The man who helped save Offset from his mangled car after an accident is speaking out about what went on that night.

J’Mmar Coleman was walking home Wednesday, May 17 when he saw a neon green Dodge Challenger racing down the road in Atlanta. He explained on V103 May 30 that the car fishtailed, hit a curb and then a tree. Then, a man, whom he later learned was the Migos rapper, gets out of the car.

“He runs up to me and he says, ‘Hey brother, can you help me? My name’s Offset, I’m a rapper,'” Coleman recalls.

The good Samaritan said he was about to dial 911 when Offset stopped him and asked Coleman to simply help him get home, to which Coleman complied. Upon arrival, Offset told three men sitting on his sofa that he had been in an accident and ran upstairs. Coleman remembered hearing Offset’s fiancée, Cardi B, screaming.

“She came down and when he came back down the stairs, he started feeling weak … I seen his knees start to shake. So, I picked him up, we all carried him to the truck and he drove off.”

Coleman added that he was “shocked” at how fast Offset got out of the car, despite the damage done to the vehicle. He also cleared the air about Cardi B’s claim that the rapper wrecked his car while trying to avoid a crack addict, which was reported to be Coleman.

“No, I’m not a crack addict, I’ve never used drugs in my life,” he says. “I was walking home that night and I just so happened to see him have an accident.”

He said he went back to the home two days later and exchanged information with Offset’s aunt and uncle. The aunt told him Offset would be in touch; Coleman said he’d simply like a thank you.

After a few days, Coleman heard from Offset and discovered the rapper had gifted him a Nissan Altima for his noble deed.

“This my boy J’Mmar Coleman,” Offset says in a clip he posted on his social media pages earlier this week. “Saved my life when I had that accident. He was the only one that seen me, helped me get out the car.”

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE Great Job @offsetyrnAfter exclusive interviews with @rashad_richey & @frankandwandamorningshow.Offset bought the Good Samaritan JM'mer Coleman a new car!JM'mer Coleman walking home from work witnessed @migos @offsetyrn car accident. He stepped in and helped Offset. Offset says he saved his life!No more walking home from work!

Posted by Frank Ski on Wednesday, May 30, 2018

In response to Coleman’s story, several listeners wound up with more questions while others praised his actions.

“I am a bit confused. Was this guy, the reason Offset swerved and hit the tree? Was he jay walking? The guy got offended about the ‘crackhead comment.’ So I assume, he was the possible cause of the accident. Sooooooo… Although he helped him, which is fine. Since when do we try to force a ‘Thank you’ out of someone. Nice of Offset to buy him a car, but…. I am a bit confused about this guy’s role in the actual cause of the accident.”

“That is really beautiful… but did he or his woman apologize PUBLICLY for the untruths they told about this man?!! IJS… if Mr. Coleman had not come to Wanda on V-103 with his story, would Offset had done this on his own?? Nevertheless… a very cool gesture… that should have been done from the beginning.”

“That is a good look good to see someone appreciate kindness.”

“A blessing!”

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