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Roseanne Barr Blasted for Blaming Michelle Obama for Show Getting Pulled


Despite saying she blames herself and a couple of apologies, Roseanne Barr still seems to be pointing the finger at others when it comes to the cancelation of her sitcom.

The comedian on Wednesday retweeted a post from one of her supporters named Josh Cornett, who claimed former first lady Michelle Obama had a hand in pushing ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey to scrap “Roseanne.”

“BREAKING: According to sources ABC President Channing Dungey had a long conversation via phone with former First Lady Michelle Obama before deciding to cancel the Roseanne show,” tweeted Cornett, whose biography says he’s “proudly blocked” by the likes of Barack Obama and MSNBC. “Michelle Obama was reportedly enraged and insisted an apology was inadequate……developing.”

Dungey announced Tuesday that the network would no longer air “Roseanne” after Barr tweeted that former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett was an “ape.”

Before retweeting the conspiracy theory, Barr asked Cornett if the post was true. But it seems she at least thought it “makes a lot more sense [than] most things,” as that’s what she quote retweeted from another Twitter user named Jimmy Holland.

Barr, who is no stranger to posting conspiracy theories, drew fierce criticism for appearing to affirm the tweet, which has only been reported on as a conspiracy theory rather than fact.

“Michelle Obama must have stuffed that Ambien down her throat and handed her the phone too…”

“No, @therealroseanne! You DON’T blame former FLOTUS @MichelleObama for yr firing and the cancellation of yr sitcom! I blame them on YOU and yr ignorant comments about #ValerieJarrett!! NO ONE is buying yr “blame game” bulls—!”

“Is this a parody headline? Yeah, Roseanne. Because CLEARLY, the impeccable Michelle Obama is wasting a second of her life on you. #ThankYouABC.”

“lol wait wait wait… are y’all seriously trying to blame Roseanne’s racism on Michelle Obama? let me be clearer: YOU’RE USING RACISM TO JUSTIFY YOUR RACISM.”

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