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Fabolous Receives Backlash After Posting Pictures with Emily B, ‘You Need to be Showing Y’all in Therapy’

Fabolous Emily B Photo


Fabolous posted some new photos of himself, Emily B and their children for Mother’s Day, and they have some people confused.

“Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who has given me the best gift I could ever receive. Family, I love you for life,” he captioned the images.

The post comes just days after Fabolous went to his first disposition hearing for allegedly punching Emily in the face several times and threatening her father. He’s been officially charged with aggravated assault, as well as making terrorist threats and if convicted, he could face 10 years in prison.

In March, there was a video that surfaced of the confrontation between Fabolous and Emily’s dad but shortly after it surfaced, there were rumors that the couple already reconciled.

That’s because they were seen together at Coachella, according to a witness and a bit after that, the rapper posted some heart emojis under one of Emily’s photos. Plus, the former “Love & Hip-Hop” star accompanied Fab to his court hearing, so all appears good between them.

Besides the family photos that Fabolous posted, he also shared one with just himself and Emily, which also sparked a good number of comments. 

“Disappointed at all the hip-hop royalty commenting, saying ‘love wins,’ ‘the family,’ ‘dope,’ strong arm emoji,” wrote someone with the Instagram handle @only1misslauren. “Is that what y’all going to tell y’all daughters when a man puts their hands on them and they stay? Fab, you need to be showing y’all in therapy. Not putting on makeup acting like nothing happened.”

“I knew they was going to be back together,” another person wrote. “I just don’t like the way Fab does her.”

But others didn’t seem to have a problem with the photos at all. In fact, many shared kind words about the children being cute and how happy they were that Fab and Emily seem back together.

“The problem is you don’t really don’t know what happened, that’s why your opinion is irrelevant,” one person wrote in response to @only1misslauren. “Seems like it’s more about you and whatever you got going on.”

Meanwhile, Emily hasn’t shared the photos on her page. She actually made it private and hasn’t posted or tweeted anything since late March, a couple of days before the alleged assault occurred.

You can see some of the reactions to Fab’s post below.

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