Cardi B Responds to Azealia Banks and Fans Begin Taking Sides

Cardi B has issued not one but two responses to Azealia Banks after she went on “The Breakfast Club” and blasted her character.

The eccentric rapper blasted Cardi Friday for being a caricature and shamed her over her spelling and grammar. Banks also questioned how the conversation surrounding Black women went from the commentary Beyoncé espoused with “Lemonade” to Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow”-esque tunes.

“I’m just talking about this caricature of a Black woman that Black women themselves would never be able to get away with,” Banks said Friday, May 11. “If my spelling and grammar was that bad, I’d be canceled. If Nicki Minaj spelled like that, we’d be raggin’ on her all day. … When it comes to this [Black women’s culture thing] thing that we have, I just don’t understand how we go from Beyoncé and ‘Lemonade’ and Solange and all these great conversations, Black Lives Matter to this.”

Later that day, Cardi hit back calling out Banks for bleaching her skin and previously speaking ill of Beyoncé.

“I never asked to be an example or a role model. I don’t want to change my ways because I’m famous that’s why I just mind my business,” Cardi said. “This is coming from a woman that bleached her skin but want to advocate. GOODBYE. I’m not apologizing or killing myself because of who I am.”

And Cardi didn’t stop there. In a lengthier post, she scolded Banks for pretending to be someone she isn’t and threw shade at Banks’ earlier “illiterate, untalented rat,” comment.

“How smart are you if you don’t know that the meaning of illiterate means to not know how to read or write?” Cardi said. “I can do both, and speak 2 languages fluently. Just because I mix a few words up and forget to use commas or misspell a few words doesn’t make me illiterate and doesn’t make me stupid.”

“You think you’re advocating for women and you’re doing the opposite! I pray you find peace in your own heart and reason in your own mind!” she concluded.

While Cardi has since deactivated her Instagram account, Banks has also hit reply on Twitter and doubled down on her initial comments.

“So because I point out that you get away with being the typical caricature of a Black woman that society says is wrong … and you respond by calling me unattractive and bringing up skin bleaching to basically make fun of me for not being light skinned?” Banks said in a tweet.

She added in another, “You’re illiterate, you’re baby mama 4/5 to man who has women crawling out of the woodworks with kids, videos of your n—- f—ing other women… you’re a real-life episode of Maury sis…”

The online dust-up has led to fans taking sides left and right.

“I just don’t get why Banks needs to point people (successful, independent talented Black singers) like that! WOMAN: WORK ON YOURSELF!!!” one Instagram use said. “It’s not because you show people that you’re a hater, insecure and not stable Black woman (not making fun about that) that you will reach the level that you deserve! STOP BASHING AND FIND YOUR PLACE!! Black women just come together in the music industry there is space for EVERY BIG BLACK BOUNCY JUICY ASS OUT THERE!!”

“Damn all that time u spent typing this long book could have been time spent working on yourself other than trying to tear down somebody else,” another Banks detractor said. “She clearly has some insecurities to deal with.”

“I agree with Azaelia! She’s speaking nothing but the truth!” said a Banks supporter.

“Girl don’t feed into that s—. let her continue to lose her mind over something so easy to understand,” another tweeted.

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