Azealia Banks Promises to Enlighten Fans on Difference Between Skin Lightening and Skin Bleaching 

MTO News/Instagram

MTO News/Instagram

Azealia Banks revealed on Instagram Tuesday plans to educate others on the difference between skin lightening and skin bleaching. The promise comes a week after onlookers spotted major evidence of the rapper using products to reduce the darkness of her complexion.

“I’m working on a huge article about skin lightening,” the New York native said, adding that skin lightening, brightening, bleaching and whitening are different things.

Fans reacted swiftly to the update.

User @marieshark took the time to inform the rapper about the damage the treatments can cause.

“There are harmful chemicals involved with any skin changing treatment especially with lightening but sure, I’ll wait for you to give us your insight,” she wrote.

Graciela was one of several fans who told Banks there was no difference between the pigment-reducing methods.

“Just like there’s a difference between tanning, sunbathing and getting darker… don’t lie to yourself there is no difference lol,” she wrote. “You don’t have to justify anything.”

“How can you say that we (white people) are disrespectful towards black people and culture, yet you’re the one bleaching your skin, like wtf?” questioned another fan.

Fans are not wrong in their assumptions. Ghana recently announced plans to ban products containing hydroquinone, a harmful skin-lightening agent that can cause skin irritation and sun sensitivity, according to

“From 2016, the acceptance for skin-lightening products is going to be zero,” the country’s Food and Drug Administration spokesperson James Lartey said to

The vocal performer has not been shy about lightening her skin. Before her Twitter account was shut down in May, she revealed she did use products to deal with acne scars. A fan asked the star about her hypocrisy when discussing Beyoncé’s influences on “Lemonade,” causing Banks to defend her actions.

However, controversy was ignited again when the rapper revealed the results of a relaxer in Brazil June 12.


Banks later deleted the post in which she appeared noticeably lighter than she had in the past.

Whitenicious, a company that sells skin-lightening products counts Banks as a customer. She previously tweeted about receiving their products.


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