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Azealia Banks Flip Flops on Critique of Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ Album: Goes From ‘Amazing’ to ‘She’s a Thief’



Azealia Banks has changed her mind about Beyoncé’s latest visual album, “Lemonade.” The singer debuted her short film on HBO April 23. Banks initially thought the material was “amazing.” But a few days later she changed her mind. Banks has now decided the music catered to a “heartbroken black female narrative.”

The rapper, who released a video for her song “The Big Big Beat” today, took to her usual social media website – Twitter – to state her praise for the highly anticipated album.

She followed it by saying that she felt “powerful and Black and evil.” The statement references Chola Wengue and Oshun.

The website Readers and Rootworkers reports Chola is the ruler of rivers, beauty, money and love in the Palo religion.

Oshun is the African goddess of love in Yoruba culture, according to Ancient Origins.

Two days later, the rapper apparently had some time to sleep on the impact of Bey’s critically acclaimed visual album and had a change of heart.

Later that same day, Banks completely lets the “Formation” singer have it.

A fan confronted Banks about her sudden change of heart. User @papiomo sent the star screenshots of her older praises of “Lemonade.” It led the rapper to explain the switch was caused by the “glitz and glam” wearing off.

Another user tells Banks she is “bringing another sister down.” In response, the rapper goes back to her rant and accuses Beyoncé of  being “a poacher.”

Banks then had this response after someone asked her what did the “Sorry” singer steal.

Then, she accused Beyoncé of using the Yoruba goddess for personal gain.

On April 25th, Banks capped the rant with this final tweet, alluding to Beyoncé stealing her ideas.

But today, Twitter user @AquafarE criticized the outspoken star for her lightening her skin. The user suggests Beyoncé faces the same insecurities that led Banks to bleach her skin. It’s something Banks has tweeted about in the past. She said she does it to get rid of acne scars – yet the rapper remains unbothered. Again, Banks mentions Beyoncé ripping off the work of other Black women.

She went on to tweet about how she gets no respect for honesty and voiced her support for Piers Morgan’s new column.

The piece claims that Beyoncé’s political stance is new and exploitative towards mothers of police brutality victims.

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