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Instagram Star Wielding Gun Threatens Snoop Dog, Rapper and Police Respond

Instagram star Woah Vicky has drawn the attention of local authorities after posting a video brandishing a gun while threatening Snoop Dogg.

Vicky, whose real name is Victoria Waldrip, posted and later deleted the clip where she waves what appears to be a submachine gun as two male friends stand shouting beside her.

“F— you, Snoop Dogg!” she says, also addressing DJ Drama. “You a p—! You need to stop talking s— wit yo old ass! You probably got AIDS wit yo old ass! You little old ass b—-! Lookin’ like a chihuahua wit yo old ass!”

One of her male friends adds, “I’ll piss on yo face!”

Now, the Marietta Police Department is reviewing the clip, a spokesperson told The Blast Wednesday, May 9. The spokesperson added that it isn’t clear if Waldrip committed a crime, however, detectives are determining if a complete investigation is needed.

The social media celebrity has since issued an apology.

“I just wanna say I really do apologize,” she says in part. “I didn’t mean to start nothing, I didn’t mean to disrespect anybody. … If you knew me as a person, I wish you could see that I’m really not like that.”

Snoop Dogg also caught wind of Vicky’s quest for street cred, saying in an IG video, “I ain’t got time to deal with the petty. You funky, dog-haired white b—-, can’t believe you said something about me.

“Imma leave it alone, though,” he adds. “Because you don’t know no better. And them goofball ass n—-s you got with you, they don’t know no better either. That’s why I’m in the gym so I can f— one of y’all up on sight. Nah, I’m just playin’.”

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