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La Toya Jackson Responds After Half Sister Throws Shade and Claims She Had a Stroke


The half-sister of the famous Jackson clan is claiming La Toya Jackson had a stroke and she’s deeming her “the worst sister” in the process.

Joh’Vonnie Jackson went on Instagram Live Friday, May 4 and gave an update on the Grammy winner’s health, which LaToya ultimately denied.

“You know, I just wanted to take a moment and talk about my sister La Toya,” Joh’Vonnie says. “It’s very unfortunate, she’s 62 years old and she had a minor stroke. And I personally want her to know, that even though that you have been the worst sister to me, I want you to know that I still love you.”

Days earlier, Joh’Vonnie and her daughter, Yasmine, posted on their respective Instagram accounts asking for prayers for La Toya.

joh'vonnie jackson joh'vonnie jackson

However, while La Toya appreciated the kind thoughts, she assured her fans that she was doing well, tweeting Saturday, May 5 that she did not have a stroke.

In response, many fans chided the fake news.

“Sorry those tabloids are at it again with you and family but glad you’re OK anyway,” someone said.

“So sad Michael’s family (excluding Prince, Paris, and Blanket) lie, scheme, and connive so much you never really know when anything they say is true,” another said. “With their history, one always has to question things like this. Was La Toya really sick or just trying to stay relevant?”

“Wow! People are something. 😒 glad you doing well😁,” a user said.

Joh’Vonnie’s issues with the Jackson family stems back to the way the family failed to receive her when she finally met the famous clan following dad Joe Jackson’s 25-year-affair while married to Jackson matriarch, Katherine.

In her memoir, “Growing Up In The Jackson Family,” Joh’Vonnie wrote that Katherine referred to her as the “bastard child.” And while the two have since put the past behind them, she said the other Jacksons kids made her feel like an “outcast.”

“[Janet Jackson and I] met up at Rebbie’s house and we were having a pretty good conversation until I said, ‘Daddy’ and she got upset,” Joh’Vonnie told “The Talk” in March as an example of how the Jacksons receive her. “But the reason she got upset is because he did not allow them to call him Daddy.”

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