Why the Jackson’s Half Sister Says a Conversation with Janet Jackson Went Left



Joh’Vonnie Jackson, the half-sister of the late Michael Jackson, is speaking out on TV about how it felt to be cast aside by the famous singer and his cooning brothers and sisters.

While sitting down on “The Talk” to promote her book, “Bastard Child,” Friday, March 10, Joh’Vonnie explained she always knew Joe Jackson and his uber-successful kids Michael and Janet were among her siblings.

Joh’Vonnie was born to Cheryle Terrell during Joe’s 25-year affair with Terrell and according to The Daily Mail, Katherine Jackson would refer to her at the “bastard child,” which seems to be the inspiration for her book title. The two have since cleared the air.

But Joh’Vonnie didn’t learn until 11-years-old that Joe was married to Katherine.

When she saw her at a nail salon three years later, Joh’Vonnie was stunned.

“It was such a confusing time,” she says.

And while she says none of the Jackson siblings acknowledged her early on, Joh’Vonnie said oldest Jackson child Rebbie Jackson did introduce her to Janet, whom she was a huge fan of when “Rhythm Nation 1814” came out.

“We met up at Rebbie’s house and we were having a pretty good conversation until I said, ‘Daddy’ and she got upset,” Joh’Vonnie says. “But the reason she got upset is because he did not allow them to call him Daddy.”

Joh’Vonnie said she thinks by the time Joe welcomed her into the world at 46, he “just didn’t care that much.”

“You find strength in forgiveness,” she says of why Janet held onto that anger. “That’s being strong … let bygones be bygones.”

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