8 Male Celebrities Who Have Love Children with the ‘Other Woman’

Joh’Vonnie Jackson and Joe Jackson (TinyPic)
Joe Jackson

Everyone is familiar with Jackson family patriarch Joe Jackson’s nine famous children, but everyone may not know about the existence of his love child, Joh’Vonnie Jackson. Joh’Vonnie, who is now 42, was born to Cheryle Terrell during a 25-year affair with Joe while he was still married to Katherine Jackson, according to The Daily Mirror. Joh’Vonnie claimed in her memoirs, “Growing Up In The Jackson Family,” that Katherine referred to her as a “bastard child,” but now she gets along well with Katherine and Joe. However, the other Jackson children, she said, made her feel like an “outcast.”

Ashley Jackson and Jesse Jackson (Instagram)
Jesse Jackson

In the 1990s, famed activist Jesse Jackson had a four-year affair with his former aide Karin Stanford during his 54-year marriage to Jacqueline Brown. His now 18-year-old daughter, Ashley Jackson, was born in 1999 following news that Jackson won the release of American hostages in Serbia, ABC News reported. Stanford said Jackson was attentive to their daughter and he issued a statement taking responsibility for the affair in 2001, saying he was “truly sorry.”


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