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Erykah Badu Stands Her Ground After Getting Into Riff with Followers Over ‘Free Thinking’

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Kanye West’s support of Black conservative Candace Owens and President Donald Trump has landed him in hot water with fans, but Erykah Badu remains supportive of his personal opinions.

The rapper has tweeted about being a free thinker in the last week, saying Black Lives Matter detractor Owens is one. He also tweeted videos of “Dilbert” cartoonist and Trump backer Scott Adams praising West’s support of Owens.

“See. That’s what u get for using your own brain…u know that’s illegal in most states right?” Badu tweeted Monday, April 30 at the rapper.

The apparent post of support drew the ire of her followers, who quickly swooped in to respond. The result was Badu having several heated back and forths with fans. It culminated with her taking digs at the opposition.

Then, the singer finally asked what the free-thinking movement is all about.

“So is ‘free thinking’ the new thing or something?” she tweeted Monday. “I’m seeing that term a lot. Don’t put me in the s— please. I see we about to run with this term for about five mo weeks now.”

“‘Free thinking’ is what a lot of folks are using as code word to mean, ‘Don’t call me what I am based on my patterns and actions. Call me how I see myself,'” someone said in a response that Badu said she could “get with.”

“No one is condemning Kanye for being a free thinker, he’s always been like that,” another person responded. “[It’s] who and what he’s endorsing these days..and the rants.”

“I can see all points of view clearly. Just an observer,” Badu clarified. “Let’s see what comes out of it. We may ALL be surprised. Anybody know What’s new on Netflix?”

The singer then continued to engage with her responders. Some agreed with her and others led Badu to double down on what she meant: she doesn’t necessarily support West’s rhetoric but she does back his ability to have independent thought.


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