Tiffany Haddish Has Another Hilarious Run-In with Same Cameraman She Blasted for Refusing to Help with Luggage


Tiffany Haddish has quickly become a household name, but that didn’t garner her any favor with a paparazzo who didn’t help her with her luggage a week ago. And after railing against him and TMZ, the comedian earned an apology from the photographer at fault.

“If you know the deal TMZ trying to pay they bills, off the blood and sweat of the ones of us that are rising to fame. … About a week ago one of their cameramen was watching me and my team load luggage into the back of our SUV,” she explained in an Instagram video caption of the photographer apologizing for the mishap. “Now we didn’t want or need his help but the fact that he watched us load our bags, and didn’t even offer to help, but he wanted my help by answering his questions is just out of control to me. In my world, I treat people with the most kindness I can — especially if I want something from them. I guess TMZ got my message and decided to bring one rose. I love them for that. The next time I run into them I will just talk [til] they run out of tape.”

And although her caption seemed sweet enough, she didn’t let the photog off the hook so easily.

“Y’all was talkin’ mess,” she tells the apologetic cameraman. “‘Are we dressed like baggage handlers?’ No, but ya standin’ there like a grown man. [TMZ founder and managing editor] Harvey [Levin] said it. … ‘Are they dressed like baggage handlers?’ Ya standin’ there like a grown man and a camera and ya want somethin’.”

The paparazzo explained he had been figuring out what to ask her and that he was smitten by her beauty. Haddish and her friends didn’t buy it.

“So beautiful, sweating hard lifting bags?” Haddish said before imitating how the photog was leaning against a wall with his camera in tow. After he explained he couldn’t afford more than one rose, Haddish hit back.

“You know why you couldn’t afford it?” she says before snatching the flower out of his hand and hopping in her SUV. “Because you didn’t get the story!”

In response, many fans applauded Haddish

tiffany haddish paparazzi tiffany haddish paparazzi tiffany haddish paparazzi

tiffany haddish paparazzi

The “Girls Trip” star was equally fired up a week earlier when the initial incident happened.

“If you don’t get the f— out my face tryna ask some goddamn questions!” she says in the Sunday, April 22 IG video. “You coulda been helping us. I woulda stood there and talked to yo ass for 30-45 minutes. I woulda told you who the f— bit Beyoncé. I woulda told you every mother f—ing thing if you woulda helped us with these heavy ass bags. Ya lazy mother f—er!”

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