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Plastic Surgeon Who Operated on Kanye West’s Late Mother Responds to Rapper Putting Him on Album Cover


Kanye West continues to turn heads with his behavior, but at least this time the focus is back on the music. Sort of.

The Donald Trump-supporting rapper on Sunday, April 29 tweeted a screenshot of a text exchange between one of his pals. In the thread, he shared a photo of cosmetic surgeon Jan Adams, who performed liposuction and other procedures on West’s mother, Donda, before she died of complications in 2007.

“This is my album cover. This is plastic surgeon Jan Adams. The person who performed my moms [sic] final surgery,” West tells a man named Wes.

West, who indicated in the text messages says he’ll use Wes’ suggested album title, “Love Everyone,” told TMZ the cover isn’t a diss but a peace offering and that he hopes to meet and embrace Adams.

“It’s essential that people start removing the hate from their heart,” he told the celebrity gossip site Sunday, adding that the point of the cover is to “forgive and stop hating.”

Adams has since caught wind of Ye’s album cover plans, telling The Blast Sunday, “It’s a MacGuffin.” In other words, it’s simply a plot device in a movie or book that serves to move the story forward without any other explanation.

On Twitter, users have been weighing in on the matter, which falls in line with West’s calling for his followers to tell someone they used to hate that they love them.

“Kanye’s album cover is going to be a mugshot of the plastic surgeon who performed on his mother.. eventually killing her,” someone tweeted. “Gotta respect the man.”

“First of all, Kanye West isn’t the first person to [lose] his dear mother,” someone else said. “And secondly, plastering the picture of his mother’s surgeon is downright mean. This has nothing to do w/love or healing.”

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