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Eve Urges ‘Young Brothers’ to Drop Kanye West and Listen to Kendrick Lamar, Nas and J. Cole

Like many celebrities who slammed Kanye West’s Donald Trump tweets last week, rapper Eve is fed up with West.

The co-host of “The Talk” became emotional while responding to the Chicago native’s comments that slavery “sound [sic] like a choice,” on “TMZ Live” Tuesday.

“My stomach hurts. It is so disrespectful,” she says on the CBS morning show Wednesday, May 2 dissing the fact that West, who grew up on the south side of Chicago with a mom who taught African American studies, has such ideas. “You wanna be a free-thinker, you wanna be thought-provoking, you cannot have these ideas without facts to back them up. Slavery is a fact, slavery is part of our history, slavery is embedded within us, we cannot forget it.”

The rapper noted that Black Americans continue to feel slavery’s effects in our communities, as evidenced by high imprisonment rates and housing discrimination.

“At the end of the day, we all got lucky and got plucked out of our hoods and live these amazing lives,” Eve continues. “But you cannot be so far in your bubble to think that you are not a part of what this history is. It hurts my feelings … because I’m like, this is a man that I actually used to listen to. This is a person that we used to look to as an artist.

“Any young brothers out there looking at me, listening to me today, pick up some Nas, pick up some Damien Marley, pick up some J. Cole, pick up some Kendrick Lamar. Listen to these artists. I am done with Kanye. I am done.”

In response, several viewers applauded Eve’s remarks and others expressed sympathy toward West.

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