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Pastor Burns Completely Loses His Cool In Debate with Rev. Sharpton

An MSNBC panel went left on Saturday, April 28 when civil rights’ activist Al Sharpton clashed with Trump supporter pastor Mark Burns over Kanye West’s recent tweets and the lack of policies President Trump has enforced to help the Black community.

Reverend Sharpton started the discussion by saying he disagreed with Mr. West’s political stance on favoring Trump, but that doesn’t mean he can’t agree to disagree with the rapper.

“I think for us to fallout with Kanye because of Trump, it would take more than Donald Trump for us to do that,” Sharpton said. “Clearly we disagree with it… I think Trump’s record is despicable when it comes to our community, but Kanye has the right to express himself…”

When Alex Witt asked Burns his thoughts on West, the pastor conveyed, ” We should be applauding he’s {Kanye West] a free-thinking Black man who believes President Trump has policies. Whether you like him personally or not, his policy [sic] is the best for Black workers in this country.”

Things quickly got heated when the reverend interrupted Burns and stated both West and the pastor have never named any policies of Trump that’s aided Black America.

“This president did not even one time talk about any police case or criminal justice matter… We had an unarmed Black man just disarm an AR15 person… This president didn’t even mention that,” Sharpton exclaimed.

Witt asked Burns why Trump never acknowledged the Waffle House hero, but the republican deliberately skipped over the question and instead went into a full rant about what he’s personally done.

“What’s important for the viewers to understand it is by the sweat of my brow that I am where I am. A man who was once on welfare. writing a book right now called ‘From Welfare To The White House.’ I was on food stamps,” he continued. ” Reverend Al. Yet you’re the host of one of the most successful shows in America. We’ve got this notion that some president has to create this policy because of the color of my skin for me to be successful.”

Sharpton retorted, “First of all, you and I made it by the sweat of our brows because we were allowed to. Our parents and grandparents were not able to do that. We were able to do it because under Lyndon Johnson we got a Voting Rights Act. You go all the way to President Obama.”

The two men continued to battle it out in a political debate shouting and pointing fingers at one another, however the reverend got the last word.

“You have mass incarceration right now, because of the policies of others. I can name you from Johnson all the way through on the policies that Democrats have put through,” Sharpton assured.

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