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KeKe Palmer Fed Up with How Black Women are Treated When They Speak Out

Singer/actress KeKe Palmer is not willing to back down when it comes to Black women. And she wants others to listen when they speak out.

During an appearance on “The Breakfast Club,” she addressed her allegations against Trey Songz, who she accused of “sexual intimidation” during a video shoot last year. Palmer maintained that she loves Black people and would never try to tear a Black man down, but proclaimed she would continue to speak out about issues in wake of the #MeToo movement.

“If I say something, I’m saying something for a reason,” she says Thursday, April 19. “And I feel like so many times, Black women say stuff and nobody gives a s—. Nobody gives a f— when sometimes Black women say something. But somebody of another complexion, somebody of another color, they say something, and then it’s like, ‘We’re taking it to court, it’s time to get serious. #MeToo.’

“That’s not how it should be,” she continues. “I think people have such a perception of a Black woman being so strong that we just supposed to take anything thrown at us, and then when we don’t, we’re weak. Well no, I’m supposed to get beat down by everybody that comes near me? No. I’ll be that b—- if that means I have to stand for me, and I have to show other young women that you should not let other people take advantage of you no matter who they are, I don’t care if it was the damn president, I would have still posted the s— [about being sexually intimidated].”

While several fans backed the star, some took issue with her stance on R. Kelly earlier in the interview. The “I Believe I Can Fly” singer has been accused of running a sex cult in his home.

“I do not know this side of Kelz,” Palmer said after noting some of the accusers were over 18 when they got involved with him. “The side of Kelz I know is the musical genius, OK? … I cannot speak on things that I don’t know.”

“She can dismiss the allegations against R. Kelly and the voices of those Black women but expect for other people to believe her?” someone asked. “Doesn’t work that way boo.”

“C’mon reverand Keke Palmer preaching for 55minutes straight on a weekday,” said one person.

“KeKe is so bomb! So well-spoken, educated AND entertaining!!!!,” a fan exclaimed.

“This interview definitely needs more views • #INVESTINWOMEN 🌹,” said another.


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