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Wendy Williams Says Kanye West ‘Has Lost His Mind’ After His Bizarre Behavior In Recent Days, Fans Chime In

Kanye Ebro Love You


Is Kanye West having a meltdown like he did in 2016?

That’s what a lot of people have been asking after he’s shown some behavior in recent days that seem strange.

One of the latest episodes that’s caused concern include Kanye phoning Ebro Darden at Hot 97. This was just one day after the radio host said he argued with Ye about supporting conservative speaker Candace Owens. Ye also told Ebro that he loved Donald Trump during that conversation.

“I just called to say I love you,” Kanye told him over the phone.

“I love you too,” Ebro replied.

Then after several more I love yous and a couple of awkward silences, the “Last Registration” creator said he’d rather talk to Ebro in person before they had a phone interview.

A little after that conversation, folks took to Kanye’s Twitter page and some called him crazy and others egotistical.

“Kanye, go take a nap,” someone wrote.

“You’re no Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Mandela, Garvey, Rosa Parks, Tubman, Angelou, Ali, Truth, Holiday, Powell, Rice, Obama,” another person tweeted. “If you stand for nothing you will fall for anything, Mr Kardashian. Humility is lacking in you, seeking to incite because you lack any credibility.”

Besides folks on Twitter, Wendy Williams also called Kanye crazy and said his recent tweets are proof that he’s coming apart.

“Kanye West has really lost his mind, and I don’t mean that in a humorous way,” she said on her show. “We’ve seen him on a slippery slope for a long time. This is really sad, you all.”

“In the last week, he’s tweeted 112 times,” Wendy continued. “Plenty of people do that, the problem with his is that they’re rants. His thoughts about God, his thoughts about slavery is a mentality. He talked about supporting right winger Trump and the Trump supporters. He’s talking about deprogramming. He wants to deprogram people.”

Williams then blamed some of the mental issues that Ye has faced on his dealings with the Kardashians.

“Whatever happened to the thought-provoking Kanye we knew who was slightly nutty,” she asked. “Nutty is good. We’re all a little nutty … But when he got with that family, number one, he should have stayed like the mack in the back. He should not have participated in the reality show.”

Plus, TMZ reports that Ye has parted ways with most of his management team, including Scooter Braun, after he demanded they work with him full-time. Braun is currently one of the biggest managers in the world, so there’s no way he could focus on Kanye solely.  

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