‘Love and Hip Hop’ Star Juju Keeps It Classy After Fellow LHH Star Masika Kalysha Sends Shady Message About Women Having Degrees ‘They Aren’t Using’

A tweet from “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” star Masika Kalysha has sent other social media users into speculation that she’s taking a dig at “New York” spin-off star and Cam’ron’s ex-girlfriend JuJu who recently graduated with her master’s degree.

“‘Ladies’ (I use that word very lightly) stop bragging about your college degree that you’re not using,” Kalysha tweeted Sunday, April 22. “Being dumb enough to waste mommy & daddy’s money to sit through 4 years or more of college just to (try to) do what my college drop out ass is doing… is NOT brag-worthy. Idiot.”

After her post went viral, Twitter users began sharing their experience with failing to find careers with degrees.


Fans then started congratulating Juju and her degrees, which caused the “Love and Hip Hop” star to chime in. “To each his own,” said the woman who obtained her masters in December. “I’m sitting on a bachelor’s and a master’s [degree] (I paid on my own). If all else fails, I’ll have my education to fall back on… Continue to be degreed up ladies & gents. Your knowledge can never be taken!”

Then, Kalysha explained in Instagram comments that those who took offense to her tweet were suffering from a “guilty conscience.”

“It’s amazing the amount of hit dogs hollering … There’s a lot of privileged brats that brag about their unused diplomas,” she said, “and have the audacity to talk down on those who weren’t so fortunate.”

Then, a separate user claimed Kalysha’s tweet was shade directed toward Juju. But the reality star dismissed it.

“To shade me .. you have to @ me,” she said. “I stated my opinion respectfully, like everyone else. I don’t do subs, you know that… & Degreed and all.. I am not ‘The One’ so I seriously doubt it.”

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