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Kanye West Sparks New Rumors of Presidential Run

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Following Kanye West’s open support of President Donald Trump, the rapper tweeted an indication that he’s eyeing 45’s seat.

On Monday, April 24 West tweeted and quickly deleted a picture of posters from anonymous street artists reading “Keep America Great,” which promoted Ye — who had previously said he’d run for office in 2020 — as a presidential hopeful for 2024. The slogan is a play on Trump’s “Make America Great Again” motto and reports say the posters have popped up in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City.

In a statement to the Gateway Pundit, the artists allegedly said, “Kanye West tore a hole in the fabric of reality this weekend by recognizing the wisdom of [conservative Black] YouTuber Candace Owens in the most publicly unfiltered way possible, via Twitter. Donald Trump has proved to all Americans that clarity of vision and the ability to persuade are much stronger assets for a President than political experience. Kanye appears to get this more than anyone else out there. Candace Owens is fighting for individual sovereignty, self-responsibility and being recognized by Kanye is a watershed moment for this country. We don’t know if Kanye wants to be President — Trump has proved that it creates a huge amount of enemies — but recognizing universal cultural truths is something that cultural icons are better at than politicians; it’s how they build success.”

The signage, which was accompanied by a thinking emoji from West, prompted speculation that the MC is seriously considering running for office.

“Kanye just tweeted (and deleted) a tweet showing a picture of a presidential campaign poster of him!” someone posted. “It’s happening! #KANYE2024”

“Yeezys are going to be the new MAGA hats #Kanye2024,” another tweeted.

“#Kanye2024 Get ready, fam,” a supported posted.

Yet someone who wasn’t ready to back him said, “Wow. All someone has to do to is write a couple of right-leaning tweets and he has many Republican voters support (#Kanye2024 really?) Anyone remember his statement back in 2005? When he called George Bush a racist in regards to Hurricane Katrina relief.”

Meanwhile, Ye hasn’t addressed running for president in any subsequent tweets. However, something he posted in the early hours of Tuesday, April 24 could speak to the fact that he was just toying with fans.



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